Sony is about to launch a new Xperia Compact with a 5.5-inch 20: 9 screen and a Snapdragon 665 chip

After a long time, Sony’s Xperia Compact series of smartphones will soon be revived, although only mid-range configuration instead of the flagship as before.

Sony is experiencing prolonged sluggishness and struggling to find a foothold in the smartphone market. However, that could not stop the company from launching many new devices. According to the report, the Japanese manufacturer will launch a new Xperia Compact phone in the near future, with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665 processor and 5.5-inch screen.

Xperia 5 was introduced in September and this is considered a smartphone with many points of reference to the Compact series. This device has the same hardware configuration as the Xperia 1 with an impressive camera system but has a much smaller design.

According to the latest rumors, Sony is likely to convert Xperia Compact into a mid-range product line. Instead of coming with powerful hardware like flagship models, the upcoming Compact phone will use the mid-range Snapdragon 665 processor. In addition, it will still have a 20: 9 screen with body size of 60 x 138 mm, narrower and significantly shorter than Xperia 5.

Many experts predict that Sony’s 2019 smartphone sales will fall to about 2.5 million units, many times lower than what the company achieved in 2018 (6.5 million devices) and 2017 (13.5). million devices).

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