Samsung’s clamshell folding smartphone will be extremely cheap

Instead of $ 2,000 like the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s new clamshell-folding smartphone will cost just under $ 1,000.

After the Galaxy Fold smartphone, Samsung will continue to launch a new foldable smartphone in 2020. However unlike the Galaxy Fold, the new smartphone will have a vertical fold screen, just like a clamshell phone , and resembles the recently launched Motorola Razr.

Recently, the Korea Herald has revealed a few more details about Samsung’s clamshell smartphone. The most surprising news is the price, which according to this foldable smartphone will be extremely cheap compared to the $ 2,000 Galaxy Fold.

Specifically, an internal source revealed to the Korea Herald that the Samsung clamshell smartphone will cost about $ 845. This is really a very competitive price, because all current folding smartphones are priced at over $ 1,500.

The source also revealed that the launch time of the folding screen smartphone could be in February 2020, at Mobile World Congress. However, the time of the official sale has not been disclosed.

If this information is correct, Samsung’s clamshell folding smartphone will completely beat rival Motorola Razr priced at $ 1,500. And will help many users have access to this unique foldable device, creating a new trend for the global smartphone industry.

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