Nokia to reveal 5G smartphone, launched in the next few days

More than a week ago, HMD first suggested that it would launch its next smartphone on December 5, but no details were given at the time, including whether there was a premium version. launch or not.

Now, HMD Product Manager Juho Sarvikas tweeted that he will be on stage at the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit – an event where Qualcomm will talk about future chips. According to Mr Sarvikas, the company will provide more information on Nokia’s 5G smartphone strategy at the event, with the exact date of December 3.

It’s unclear how HMD will do this, but analysts are expecting a new 5G smartphone to be unveiled at Qualcomm’s event on December 5 after the deployment plan was revealed in advance. there.

Even so, the chances of 5G phones being launched are quite slim as HMD is expected to release a flagship 5G smartphone at the MWC 2020 event in late February.

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