Latest survey: 6 out of 10 technology users choose AMD CPU

AMD CPUs are the first choice of many technology users when they plan to upgrade their machines in the future, instead of Intel CPU models. This is the conclusion made by the European Hardware Association (EHA) after the organization conducted a major survey across Europe. Subjects surveyed include passionate and tech-savvy users

Specifically, up to 60% of technology users said they would choose AMD CPUs to upgrade. Intel CPU models meanwhile are selected by 40% of technology users for the future.

This figure is certainly very positive for AMD, especially when compared to last year’s EHA survey. At that time, up to 60% of technology users said they would choose Intel over AMD.

This data also shows the great influence of the Ryzen 3000 series when it was launched in the middle of July 2019, which quickly achieved great success with extremely good sales in many countries.

This is also the judgment of the EHA president, Mr. Koen Crijns: “Over the past 3 years AMD has achieved a lot of positive achievements in the segment of enthusiast users and technology savvy users.”

Notably, the EHA report also shows that AMD is achieving some positive results in the graphics card manufacturing sector, which is facing stiff competition from rival Nvidia.

Refer from TechRadar

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