iPhone 11 Pro engraved Lord Jesus sold for $ 129,000

The full name of this luxurious phone is Credo Diamond Christmas Star iPhone 11 Pro, made by Caviar from the Credo collection.

In fact, this collection also has an iPhone 11 Max, also plated with gold and studded with diamonds at a higher price.

The iPhone 11 Pro is plated with 18-carat gold and 3.05-carat diamond, priced at $ 129,050. The iPhone 11 Max version costs $ 140,850.

Previously, Caviar also 24-carat gold plated iPhone X with President Putin’s face on the back but only sold for $ 5,000.

For believers with less money, Caviar offers the silver-plated iPhone 11 Pro option for $ 9,340, the gold-plated “Glow” and the stone for $ 6,370.

The cheapest version of the Credo collection is Medina Nephrite, priced at $ 5,740. All of these phones are for the wealthy and expensive collectors.

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