Galaxy S11 has 108 MP camera, big screen and 5G?

Samsung’s next-generation high-end smartphone launched early next year, but rumors of a series of “terrible” devices have spread widely.

According to @evleaks, Galaxy S11 will have 3 large screens (6.2 or 6.4 inches, 6.7 inches and 6.9 inches). This size is much larger than the current Galaxy S10: 6.1 inches (Galaxy S10), 6.4 inches (Galaxy S10 +), 6.7 inches (Galaxy S10 5G), and 5, 8 inches (Galaxy S10e).

It is not clear how the new model will be placed, but all three will have 5G and LTE variants. The largest model is only equipped with 5G. This means there will be at least 5 models, the most ever with a high-end Samsung smartphone.

The latest rumor says that the 5 Galaxy S11 models will have a curved screen, launched around mid-week of February 2020, about a week before Mobile World Congress (February 24).

Most likely the Galaxy S11 is also equipped with Samsung’s 108 MP image sensor, which has recently appeared on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 phones.

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